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Water Softening

Water softening is an important process in plumbing systems where there is especially hard water. Hard water makes it more difficult for soap to lather. This means that when you have hard water laundry soap, dish detergent and shampoo are less effective. Soap spots can be left on your dishes, your laundry will not be as soft, and your shower will easily show signs of calcification with hard water.

If you have hard water, consider getting a water softening system.  Water softeners work by removing minerals from the water. There are many different types of water softening solutions for you to choose from such as Manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and demand initiated regeneration. The most popular is an automatic.

Not all homes need to have a water softening system. If you think that you might need water softening, Service Experts will tell you whether a water softener will help your home or not.

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