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Water Heaters

Water heaters are responsible for delivering hot water to different parts of your home. There are many different types of water heaters, but they all operate in the same way by using thermal energy to raise the temperature of water. Hot water heaters rust much more quickly than other parts and this can cause issues with the water leaking into your house as well as issues with the electrical and gas. This is why it is important to get periodic water heater maintenance to make sure that your system is running properly.

Water heaters typically heat water by using Gas or Electric energy. Most water heaters will store water in a tank in your home. This tank is constantly kept hot at all times so that hot water can run to an open faucet when hot water is required.

There is another type of water heater as well. This is a Tankless Hot Water Heaters, also known as an instantaneous water heater. These water heaters do not keep a tank of hot water on hand at all times. Instead, they heat water instantly when a faucet is opened. This allows for energy savings because energy from the home is not used when hot water is not required.

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